We welcome contributions that improve the theoretical aspects of the ENM/SDM implemented here, optimize the code, and fix known issues. Better model parametrization is one of our key weak spots right now.

modleR aims to provide a reproducible workflow environment for ENM/SDM without reinventing the wheel and without incorporating every possible functionality. Good communication with other packages in the R ecosystem, including the tidyverse, is more important than having our own versions of the same functions.

To contribute to this package, please discuss the change you wish to make by filing an issue. Comments on issues and reviews of pull requests are also very welcome.

To make a contribution, submit a Pull Request (PR), following the git flow.

  1. Fork the repository to your GitHub profile.
  2. Create a new branch for each significant change being made.
  3. Create individual pull requests from each of your changed branches
  4. Before submitting the PR, make sure your local copy of the package is passing all checks and tests, including updated documentation of every function and argument. Look for other functions in the package to check examples of documentation.
  5. The package mantainer may discuss some of your changes and ask for modifications before accepting the PR. If you receive feedback, make changes in the specific branch of the forked repository and the pull requests will update automatically.

This contributing guide was modified from The Carpentries contributing guide